Welcome to VISTO Media.

Smart Grid Consultant by day. Full stack developer by night.

My objective is to turn the above around.

My side hustle, or what many people simply call a hobby, has been web/mobile application development. And like many hobbies, it is a lot of fun. So much so, that I am turning it into a job.

MySQL/Laminas framework for the backend, React for the frontend and React Native for the mobile application. Learned a lot, still a lot to learn.

Along the way, I became the co-maintainer of LM-Commons, a set of Laminas packages available on GitHub (lm-commons.github.io) and a few of my own (visto9259.github.io).

I share tips, tricks and experiences from my journey here with humor and self-mockery.

And if you want to know what a Smart Grid consultant does for a living, check out my website at www.vistoconsulting.com or find me on LinkedIn or Medium.